Rick E. Peterson

Rick E. Peterson

Dr. Rick Peterson was born in Park Ridge, Illinois and he grew up in Arlington Heights. He decided to become an Optometrist while participating in mission work in the Dominican Republic with Dr. Oswald. Dr. Peterson reveals, "This experience taught me how important vision is, and the fulfillment I could achieve in helping others."

Dr. Peterson attended the University of Iowa, and continued his education at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, where he received his BS in Visual Science and Doctor of Optometry degree. He also received awards for his work in pediatric/binocular vision and advanced ophthalmic care.

Dr. Peterson is currently the president of both The Laser Network and the United Eye Care Providers as well as a former clinical instructor for the Illinois College of Optometry. He is a graduate of the Disney Institute/Essilor MBA program. He is actively testing new ophthalmic designs for glasses and contact lenses. He frequently lectures on binocular vision to teachers, parents, and students. Dr. Peterson also presents seminars on the benefits and newest technology of LASIK refractive surgery. He is TPA certified and is a specialist in binocular vision and focusing disorders along with advanced diagnostic techniques of ocular, orbital, and neurological disorders.

Dr. Peterson lives in Lemont with his wife Julie, and their 3 children. They are active in St. Alphonsus parish and support local organizations for children with special needs.

Rick Peterson

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