The technology breakthrough eliminates compromises in vision for progressive lens wearers, empowering consumers to live with unlimited vision in today’s modern world.

Created from the latest advances in optics and in-depth understanding of human physiology, Essilor introduces Varilux S series, the first progressive lens to offer wearers both equilibrium in motion and wide-angle vision. The Varilux S series is a revolutionary approach to breaking the traditional compromise between a large field of vision and the swim effect that progressive lens wearers were faced with in the past. As our society is in a constant state of change, advanced technologies and new electronic devices are leading to a faster pace of life for individuals and thus, a set of new visual needs. The Varilux S series equips active consumers with the optic technology to live life in today’s modern world to its fullest.


Entering a new age in progressive lenses and eliminating compromises in vision, progressive lens wearers can now enjoy unlimited vision. Based on the most sophisticated optical advances and understanding of lens-wearer physiology, Varilux S series pushes the boundaries of traditional progressive lenses by offering two benefits: wide angle vision and equilibrium in motion.


The Varilux S Series was specifically created for active consumers who live with presbyopia, a natural change in vision linked to the loss of flexibility in the crystalline lens experienced between the ages of 40 and 50, and characterized by difficulties in seeing things up close.

While the characteristics of presbyopia are known among consumers, it symptoms may be underestimated. In a recent worldwide study, nearly 6 out of 10 people said they have difficulties seeing or reading something at 20 or 40cm distance, but significantly lower numbers of people described themselves as presbyope.

People around the world think presbyopia appears on average between 42 and 44 years old (47 years for respondents in South Korea). English and Canadian respondents thought that presbyopia concerns, on average, more than half the population older than 50 years old, while Brazilian and South Korean respondents thought it was two-thirds of the population older than 50 years old.


More than 7 out of 10 people aged 40 or older wear a visual correction. However only 3 eyeglasses wearers out of 10 wear progressive lenses. While a large percentage of progressive lens wearers think this kind of lens is comfortable, they have still encountered numerous difficulties with specific activities.

For example, 83% of progressive lens wearers reported they need to move their head to target what they look at while driving and while going down the stairs. Blurred vision is another major difficulty, with 80% of wearers encountering this difficulty while using a computer or when reading on a smartphone or tablet. Or even 71% feel that everything moves around when they move their heads while passing people or objects in movements or in crowded situations.


Over the past 15 years, the way people live has changed. Today, digital reigns supreme, and as a population we have evolved to be completely online and connected at all times. These changes have a significant impact on visual requirements for modern individuals that want to live life to its fullest.

More than 72% of presbyopes use computers and more than 85% use email, while 40% use a digital device to read electronic press articles. More than 46% use a smartphone, and 54% send SMS. But still, when using a computer or smartphone, 83% of progressive lens wearers need to turn their head to target what they are looking at, 80% sometimes experience blurred vision, and 75% do not see clearly through the side of the lenses.


Like all Varilux lenses, the new Varilux S series is the result of Essilor’s unique and rigorous R&D program ‘Live Optics’ which delivers the highest levels of performance. Essilor systematically applies four key steps during product conception to ensure wearer’s satisfaction before it is launched on the market, including human research, modeling, prototyping & lab measurement and live testing.

During the last step of the program, test wearers around the world highlighted the excellence of the Varilux S series and ranked it: - N°1 on every lens’ features - N°1 in motion and when surroundings move - N°1 for quality and fields of vision The Varilux S series was specially created to address presbyopes’ concerns and discomforts providing both equilibrium in motion and wide-angle vision for the first time – to empower wearers from modern environments to live their lives without compromise.


Essilor researchers worked on two brand new technologies which made the Varilux S series innovation possible: Nanoptix and SynchronEyes. Nanoptix is a revolution in lens technology where the fundamental structure of the lens is reengineered during lens calculation to ensure wearers equilibrium in motion decreasing dramatically in the sensation of loss of balance often experienced by progressive lens wearers.

SynchronEyes is a revolution in physiological science. The lens calculation takes into account the physiological differences between the wearers’ right and left eyes to guarantee wide angle vision, meaning that progressive lens wearers don’t need to constantly move their head to target what they see – images remain clear from edge to edge.


For the first time with the 4D technology, the time factor is taken into account in the lens personalization process, providing a lens that improves reaction time and reflex vision.

Whether right- or left-handed, everyone has a dominant eye. In everyday life, the dominant eye arrives first on the vision target. By respecting the dominant eye’s leading role in the lens calculation, Varilux S 4D improves vision with the ultimate personalized approach.

The Varilux S series is based on 13 new pending patents, from the technology itself to the way the innovation is manufactured, in keeping with Essilor’s long tradition of breakthrough technology.

Varilux lenses are a reference on the market and are the result of Essilor’s long-established know-how and experience in progressive lenses, since having invented the first progressive lens solution.

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